Spending your days exploring the underwater world, diving to the bottom of the ocean and witnessing marine life wonders, seems like the dream for any diver that’s ever blown bubbles. No wonder it seems like everyone who’s ever scuba dived before has at some point considered the possibility of making the dream of diving every day a reality – to have scuba diving jobs.
We are constantly talking about how incredible of a profession scuba diving is and how much joy we receive from having the ocean be our office. We all know that lives can be changed through teaching and sharing the beauty of the big blue world. there are so many jobs within or related to the scuba industry that there is almost a scuba diving career possible for everyone. Being a a Dive master or Instructor is one avenue that allows you to earn a living under the sea, but scuba equipment sale and scuba equipment repair technician also one of bigpotential scuba relate market.
in MP scuba sdn bhd, we offer varis of scuba diving courses, from beginer to professinal level,scuba equipment repair knoledge and provide full range of scuba equipment sales. come to join us now to start your waonderful diving journal.