TecLine Donut 13 DIR BCD Set


TecLine Donut 13 DIR BCD Set


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Wing TECLINE Donut 13 in the shape of the tire is a two-coat wing of the displacement of 13 kgs (Donut 13) for single-cylinder diving. Included with the DIR Harness and aluminum back plate and double weight pockets and trimming pockets.

Wing in oval shape provides easy operation while diving in every position. The shape of the wings makes the air can flow freely through the straightforward operation and maintenance of buoyancy.

Soft yet durable outer shell made of special Nylon 1000D Heavy Duty, bark resists fading for all kinds of hooks and tear. For comfort, it uses YKK zipper provides access to the internal Nylon 840 with high resistance to cracking and aging.

For your convenience wing included a high-quality standard inflator hose.

The output of the inflator hose elbow is mounted on the left wing so that it does not interfere with the valve, arrogance, or the first stage and the regulator hose for easy placement machine. Special wide belt loop with further strengthens knee inflator.

TECLINE Donut wing is equipped with a overflow valve (cistern), which is complete with a string of prominent small red ball. Facilitated for easy draining of the water space between bags has a special wing holes.

version of the DIR harness and aluminum plate combos get mega light kit ULTRA LIGHT TRAVEL SET where the whole weighs only 3.2 kg.

Set Included:-
* Tecline Donut 13kgs wing
* Tecline 3mm aluminum backplate with DIR Harness
* Tecline Left & Right Double Weight Pocket
* Tecline Trim Pocket (1 pair)
* 2x Tecline Stainless Steel Tank Buckle
* Proflex 55cm BCD Inflator Hose
* FREE Tecline Sling Bag

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