MIGALABS DeFog 60ml Anti Fog for scuba diving mask


MIGALABS DeFog 60ml Anti Fog for scuba diving mask

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MIGALABSS DeFog 60ml Spray is without question the clearest, longest acting and most effective mask defogger on the market. One application works for at least one whole dive or maybe even 2 dives in one day. Cleans your mask each time you use it. Wet or dry application, has the consistency of extra-thick toothpaste, and when applied to the lens typically lasts all day long. No sting formula!

Non-toxic biodegradable and alcohol-free work with wet and dry applications suitable for all glass and plastic dive masks and lenses.

Non toxic
Concentrated solution
Remove salt
Prevents Salt
Accumulation Prevents Corrosion
Protect Gear / Equipment

MIGALABS DeFog Spray has been specifically designed as an anti-fog protector for diving masks , although it is equally effective on any vitreous surface (inside of windshields, bathroom mirrors, vision glasses, etc…). Given its neutral pH (7.0) and the zero irritability of its components, it is ideal for use on surfaces near the eyes. Its base is only deionized water and does not contain any type of organic solvent (isopropyl alcohol, ethyl, glycols, etc.)

Since under immersion conditions, they could evaporate and affect the surfaces and eye fluids. Applied correctly (according to instructions of use) creates a protective film that prevents the condensation of microdrops on the surface where it has been used. Its low concentration in surfactants, along with the silicone it incorporates, extends its effectiveness for about 2 hours (depending on conditions). As formulated, it is the ideal combination of effectiveness and safety of use for diving activity.

Capacity: 60 ml
350+ pumps per bottle
Dry application
Ideal for fog protection
Long lasting effect

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