TecLine Thermoformable Mouthpiece for regulator


TecLine Thermoformable Mouthpiece for regulator


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Customizable mouthpiece has a new technology created in dental sector to prevent discomfort and ill-fitting of your regulator that can reduce comfort of you dives.
This mouthpiece is designed to be thermoformed in hot water and take on the perfect configuration to your personal teeth and jaw bite.
Standard rubber mouthpieces can cause extreme jaw muscle fatigue with prolonged use because 
they have no stability, and they can alter the jaw position. 
Mouthpiece can fit all standard regulator. 
This mouthpiece is made of a special super-soft silicone that guarantees a perfect seal.

-can be reshaped according to the shape of the tooth within 10 seconds of boiling water
-Material: Food Grade Silicone, non-toxic, anti-allergy

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